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Welcome to Forces Forward. We partner with military personnel, supporting them make the transition into civilian careers

We are a recruitment company for military personnel. We offer ex Forces career mentorship. Our mission is to help you find the best second careers and are passionate about making your career change as smooth as possible. Contact us to begin your civilian career journey: Fill in the contact form here.


No CV? No Problem? Our forces background helps us understand your needs.

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Employers and Candidates

Our three-step process is about helping you first and foremost. We are passionate that highly skilled individuals, with experience of performing under high pressure, start a second career in a place that allows them to fulfil their potential and utilise the skills they’ve earned. There are so many options out there for someone with military experience. Our process ensures they find the right roles to utilise those skills.






The Forces Forward Approach

Our strategy: three steps of ex Forces career mentorship to help you transition from military to civilian work as seamlessly as possible:


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Opening your eyes to the careers available to ex-military personnel.

This part begins with you.

If you have decided to leave the military and are looking at pursuing a second career, we are here to help. Some personnel have a clear idea of what they wish to do, and others, perhaps yourself, are looking for a new challenge, and may be finding that good opportunities are difficult to find.

The first step is to contact us, by emailing us directly through the form here 



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We work with you as you transition from a military to civilian career. Identifying the best civilian careers for your skills and ambitions.


From here the ball is in our court, understanding what you can do, assisting with any gaps, as well as providing guidance towards finding the businesses and roles that will be welcoming towards employing your skills. We can also assist with CV writing, interview preparation, and understanding the job market.


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Getting you the right role with one of our partner businesses.

With our guidance the final step will be connecting you with an employer. We partner with employers in a range of industries. Our mission is to find you the best place to use the skills you’ve gained and provide our partner businesses with the next generation of talent. We work across a range of potential employers from the corporate world through to small business, and find opportunities where you can use the skills you have learned to better yourself, and improve the prospects of the business you work for.


How Do We Work?










The Situation

Leaving the military can be daunting: civilian life can often seem like a different world. However, the skills you’ve gained in the forces have value in Civvie Street, and the steps to transfer those skills are often unclear. Many ex-Forces personnel miss out on a great second career, even when their experience makes them highly suitable for a range of roles. We are here to help with ex Forces career mentorship, enabling both yourself and your future employers to find the best match for each other.

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Our Mission

Whether you are a potential military leaver, or an employer looking for capable and talented recruits, our mission is to bring the two together to build future industry leaders.

Ex-military personnel represent a massive pool of talent that often goes unnoticed in civvie street. We help transfer the skills and experiences learned in the military into civilian skills.

We believe that people who have proven leadership and technical expertise in highly demanding situations have what it takes to perform well in the civilian world too.

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