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We are Adam and Alex. Together we have a wealth of operational experience in the Military, in business, and in the technology sector, enabling us to take the skills you have learned in the Forces and build on them to start a second career . As an ex-military recruitment company, we partner with military leavers throughout the UK, supporting them through the conversion from military life to a civilian role. Talk to us today to have a chat about your career aspirations, and we will see how your skills can be applied to the civilian world.






Not just an employment agency

We engage with service personnel primarily as they begin the journey out of the Military. As such, we serve to mentor and introduce you to possibilities and careers you often may not have heard about in the Forces. Your skills are highly sought-after, and with the right ex Forces career mentorship, you can find the right home for those skills in civilian life. Our work as an ex-military recruitment company is very much about facilitating your transition from soldier to career professional as seamlessly as possible. Speak to our team today to have a chat about your future career.

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As an ex-military recruitment company, we have personal experience of military life, as well as a great selection of contacts in the business world, enabling us to understand your situation, and find you the best possible start to your post-military career. We have a wide network of personnel serving in the forces who are here to help you transfer to a civilian career.

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